We pride ourselves in serving fusion style sushi and traditional Japanese cuisine. At Osaka Sushi Visalia.

We use only the freshest fish and ingredients in our dishes..

Have you had the best Sushi In Visalia? Try Osaka Sushi tonight!

We have over thirty types of sushi rolls, including delicious classics like the Dragon and Rainbow Rolls as well as our own Visalia Special Roll!

We also serve a wide variety of beer, wine, and sake to enjoy with your meal. Our goal is to serve you delicious food in a modern, relaxed setting. We have a spacious dining room and a sushi bar to dine at, and our professional staff will attend to all of your needs while you eat with us.

Pressed for time or just want something to go? We love doing takeout orders! Osaka also does delivery of our party trays for corporate and large orders. Come visit Osaka Sushi & Japanese Cuisine today for a unique dining experience!

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